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32″ Hydraulic Tree Spade

Sale price of $3,250 (cash and carry)

Call us directly to order your tree spade today!

• double hook up attaches easily to skid steers and tractors
• no extra charge for double hook up (skid plate/3 point)
• 3 shovels cut at a 45 degree beveled edge, making edges extremely sharp, penetrates the ground with less effort, made from grade 50 steel
• 32″ ball diameter (theoretical dimensions during manufacturing)
• 27″ ball depth
• ball weight of 350-400 lbs
• unit weighs 1000 lbs empty – stronger and heavier than the competitions
• 90″ wide and 66″ high
• max psi of 3000 lbs
• 05 – 25 GPM flow is required
• paint to match your equipment – no extra charge
• Cylinders are 2 1/2 x 30″ stroke and use a Prince Valve
• 2 year warranty on the welding and workmanship, 1 year on hydraulics – competition offers only 1 year
• easily ships anywhere in US and Canada
• can custom make to fit your equipment shown on the picture of the John Deere tractor
• adjustable legs also available

BC Machine, Inc. has been manufacturing the 32″ tree spade for over 10 years. Over 2000 units sold worldwide! We’ve have excellent responses from our customers and have over 2000 references. Just ask! A two year warranty comes with your new tree spade. With the 32″ tree spade you take more ground getting a better success rate for the trees and shrubs. A 30″ tree spade does not get enough ground if your trees are measuring up to 3″ diameter.

Check out the tree spade videos of us using our own tree spade for personal use.